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Claim Management

It is a fact that things in business do not always run as smoothly as intended!

If you hit turbulence the causes need to be identified early and reliably; effective measures to minimise the damage need to be taken promptly to re-establish the intended status as quickly as possible.

We are here to support you in such a situation and will be pleased to organise, handle and monitor any necessary measures required for remediation.

Effective claims management begins long before any claims are pending of course, i.e. by exhausting all possible preventive measures for ruling out claims to begin with and/or by establishing (contractual) action for simple enforcement of any claims filed at a later point in time.

This, in turn, requires clear-cut project orders (contracts) with clearly defined project goals. It is also expedient to reach agreements on how to handle any changes in project goals and similar events.

When we are entrusted with the management of a whole project, we will focus on all of these contingencies in your project from the start.

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